Preparing the development processes and manual test database for a software platform

The challenge

The client is a leading casino software provider but they weren’t always in such a position. Their business strategy included acquiring smaller competitor companies, each having their working software and platforms. In order to acquire their clients, this software had to be incorporated in the already-developed casino platform. However, that required establishing communication and a working process with the developer company, as well as a totally new test database, due to each platform having its own specifics. One of the platforms was strategically very important, since it would drastically speed up the creation of casino games and cut a lot of expenses.

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Concept to solve the problem

The developer company had a development and testing team but their games were not tested in the casino provider’s client app. The stakeholders’ understanding was that the platform was plug and play - it would require no to very little testing.


However, that wasn’t even close to reality. The client’s server and the developer company’s platform were incompatible, as bet results were not generated the same way and were written in the database in different moments of time, thus creating race conditions. As a result, the games were largely unplayable and too far from being released. Furthermore, the developer company’s QA team consisted of only one person, so that meant the games had to be wholly tested by Testimony. We had to first set up smooth communication with the company and only then create a new set of tests which turned out to be quite complex. Once everything worked out well and the initial stage of the project was ready, it was deemed very successful, so the QA team had to grow.

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The outcome

Gradually, all of the developers and testers started working with that platform and eventually all games started using it. The platform was one of the reasons the client aspired to the top position of casino game providers in the mid 2010s.

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